Health & Safety Policy


   Andy Knott Construction Ltd will ensure all Health and Safety Issues are fully taken into account when Designing Construction procedures, quoting for contracts, Employing Subcontractors, Full and Part time staff that will be involved in completing the construction Process. The management are also responsible for ensuring that employees are adequately trained and made fully aware of hazards on site. This includes all areas and includes Regulations and Codes of Practice pertaining to Safety and Health.

Supervisory Staff

   It is the duty of all Staff in authority to ensure that the necessary safety precautions are followed and that all the necessary safety instructions and training are given on site. If at any time health and Safety issues arise these will be reported to the management and appropriate action will be put in to place.


   All employees have a responsibility for their own personal safety and also a duty of care to their fellow employees.

   The employee’s responsibility includes:-

  • The duty to comply with any safety instructions and directions as given by there supervisor.
  • To carry out all work with care so as not to endanger any associates that may be affected by his or her actions.
  • To refrain from wilful misuse or interference with anything provided in the interests of health, safety and welfare and any action that might endanger any person.
  • At all times carry out all actions carefully and safely.
  • Report any areas of concern immediately to a supervisor or management and await further instructions.